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What does it mean to be off grid?

In essence, to be off grid is to become more self sufficient from municipal sources. This includes water, energy, food, and waste disposal.

When we think of going off grid, images of cabins nestled in the deep woods come into mind.

But for me, I feel we can all apply methods of self-sufficiency into our lives, no matter how small the change!

Whether you are learning how to preserve food, building wilderness survival skills, or setting up a vertical garden in your apartment closet, off grid living is about building a culture that you love through knowledge, skillsets, and most of all, freedom.

Survival Skill Building Articles

Developing survival skills for long term wilderness expeditions and disaster preparedness could literally mean the difference of life and death.

Learning how to start a fire from scratch, build a shelter with natural materials, and an overall basic survival skillset is profoundly fulfilling and can fill you with confidence.

I have covered several survival topics, from primitive skill building to bug out bag guides.

Off Grid Water System Articles

When building an off grid installation, setting up a reliable and efficient water system is paramount to the success of your endeavor.

There are multiple variables to consider when designing your off grid water system.

First, you need to figure out where your water will come from. Will it be from a well? Do you have a year-round water source to rely upon such as a spring or river? Will you have to haul in your water for part of all of the year?

My off grid water system section covers all of these topics and more.

Grow Your Own Food Articles

Now more than ever is it important to grow your own food! As grocers, meat packers, and farmers are all suffering from the current crisis and disruption to the supply chain, we need to shift our mindstate from relying on grocery stores to relying on ourselves to feed our families.

Check out my articles on growing food and alternative growing methods.

Solar Power Articles

Capturing the energy from the sun with a solar power system installation is so far the best method for alternative energy for an off grid setup.

There are other methods, such as wind power and water power, but at this point, solar is the cleanest and easiest way and the technology just keeps getting better and cheaper.

Hi, I am Regina, the creator and writer for Maximum Off Grid!

I created this website to inform everyone about how to set up an off grid lifestyle, from water systems and planting gardens, to prepping and bugging out.

I am an active prepper, survivalist, gardener, and RV homesteader.

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