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Whether you are ready to take the plunge into being completely off grid, or want to incorporate independent systems into your life, Maximum Off Grid offers techniques, methods, and resources to teach you how to be more self sufficient, no matter how small the change. 

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About maximum off grid

In this day and age, Americans (and most other  first world countries), have become entirely too dependent on the system. What do I mean by this? We rely on grocery stores to provide us food in absolution, our energy is delivered to us with a flick of a switch, our water comes from pipes thousands of miles away, and we simply flush or throw our waste away into a distant treatment plant or landfill.

Many of these systems have become decrepit and overtly fragile; there is a weakened point of failure for each one. If anyone of these systems failed, it would upset the fragile balance that modern civilizations are structured upon. Could you imagine if trash pickup ceased? How about losing water or power for extended periods of time? What would happen if the grocery store shelves stopped getting restocked?

All of these concepts are very real and very scary. However, instead of focusing on all the doom and gloom that many websites and YouTube videos rely upon, I have created a database of knowledge where all people can empower themselves to become more self-sufficient, even if it’s only small incremental changes.

Hence, Maximum Off Grid was born! I have spent hundreds of hours compiling resources, building informative guides, and sourcing valuable products to share with you.

If you take the time and go over each section, you will have the knowledge and tools to implement your own independence one step at a time.

Lets do this!

Regina C.
Creator of Maximum Off Grid