The Beginnings of Maximum Off Grid

Hello, I am Regina! I am the creator and brainchild behind Maximum Off Grid.

The reason I started Maximum Off Grid was for my own interest in becoming independent from the system.

I started out by researching all the different aspects of going off grid, starting with the biggest challenges. I began with researching power, then onto water systems, waste management and then growing food.

As I was researching all of these different topics, a glaring observation came about. The information I collected was very disjointed and I had to visit several sites to find the answers I was looking for. Surely, I am not the only person who feels this way!

I decided as I was creating my own database of knowledge, that I would publicize my research and share it with likeminded individuals!

Hence, Maximum Off Grid was born!

My Philosophy

I feel that striving for independence from the system is your best bet for happiness and stability.

We can work on becoming independent everyday, even if you are in a city or have a small budget.

The little differences add up to big differences!

I also feel VERY STRONGLY about becoming debt free. Debt is the biggest beholder to being enslaved to the system.

I have been entrapped in the debt system mainly through student loans and have been paying on them for YEARS while they grow in interest.

I am working hard to pay the debt off so I can go off grid and live the lifestyle of my dreams.

I believe that if we make little changes now, it will slowly grow into a huge movement that gathers momentum as long as we keep trying.

After all that is how I have built and grown Maximum Off Grid!

What I am Doing now

I am not off grid yet, although I am working hard to get there.

I work in the oil and gas pipeline industry, and I work 60 to 80 hour weeks, phew! I spend all day everyday outside in the elements, several miles away from electricity, running water, stores, and even paved surfaces.

So in a way, I spend most of my time off grid!

Somehow, I have managed to do all this research and build this website while working TONS of hours. I have written every single article, designed the website, created the logo and graphics, and have done all the research all on my own.

Trust me, it was no easy task!

I am working in this industry primarily to payoff my debt as this is a HUGE piece of my independence philosophy.

I have also monetized this website so I can eventually quit my job and really have the opportunity to go off grid.

One brick at a time!

my hobbies

Although I have very little time aside from work and this website, I have some great hobbies and they all revolve around the great outdoors.

My biggest passion is rocks! I LOVE to rockhound and have found many impressive specimens!

I really want to go prospecting for gold and have been researching about different locales and techniques, but this will have to wait until I am off the pipeline.

I do plan to make a prospecting/rockhound section on this website one day.

I also love to fish! I mainly rod and reel fish but I also like to go flyfishing and have caught some nice browns on flies.

Exploration of ghost towns is another top hobby that coincides with gold prospecting. Being that I am from Montana, I get to explore some of the best ghost towns standing today.

I also enjoy to hike, camp, kayak, go mushrooming, foraging for herbs, and generally being in the wilderness especially the mountains.

I hope you are enjoying Maximum Off Grid as it has become my passion project. Follow my journey as I grow my website and presence online, it should be an interesting road!

Regina Caligiuri
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