Alternative Gardening Section

Traditional gardening can be labor intensive and is restrictive in small areas.

Being that I have very limited room to grow food, I decided to research ways that I can incorporate gardening into my life without having a traditional space.

Hence, this Alternative Gardening section was born!

In this section, I have compiled unconventional ways to grow food for your family.

I have also branched into self-sufficient gardening methods that you can utilize for homesteads and off grid systems.

Vertical Farming Systems Guide [With Planting Chart]

Vertical farming systems have become a popular alternative for growing food in small spaces and keeping plants off the ground, away from critters.

In my vertical farming system guide, I go over the various types of methods to set up a vertical garden and I also include a planting depth chart for over 30 varieties of vegetables and herbs.

Beginner’s Guide to Permaculture Farming Methods

Permaculture is an excellent method to incorporate into your farming system.

Using permaculture is more like adopting a lifestyle that starts from within the home and ripples out into growing zones.

Check out my permaculture farming methods article.

Learn How to Grow Sprouts in 4 Steps

This article is all about sprouts! I go over many different types of sprouts you can grow based on popularity, how quickly the sprout grows, and the flavor.

I have also written an easy, foolproof method of growing sprouts easily and quickly.

Check out my Learn to Grow Sprouts Article!

Composting Techniques Section

Composting is a highly beneficial resource for recycling our food waste and turning into nutrition for our garden.

You can practice composting in any living situation, including apartments!

In my Composting Techniques Section, I offer up several articles to get you composting quickly and easily.

Definitive Guide to Microgreen Farming

Microgreen farming is a smart way to grow food and can be also very lucrative.

Microgreens are nutritious powerhouses that are delicious and do not require much space to grow.

In my Microgreen Farming guide, I provide all the information you need to start growing microgreens quickly, along with a planting chart.

How to Build a Solar Powered Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation systems are a superior choice for watering your garden. The amount of water you need decreases greatly with this precision watering method.

Make your drip irrigation system completely autonomous by adding solar power to your setup.

In my Solar Powered Drip Irrigation System guide, I give you the steps to build your own system easily.

Hi, I am Regina, the creator of Maximum Off Grid.

My goal is to teach you how to become more self-sufficient, no matter how small the change.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments.

Have a great day!

Regina Caligiuri