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Composting Techniques Section

Composting is a great way to recycle your food scraps while creating a nutritious fertilizer for your crops. You can implement a compost pile in any living situation, including apartments.

I have written several articles addressing the hottest topics in the world of composting along with a frequently-asked-questions guide.


How to Start a Foolproof Compost Pile [in 7 steps]

Composting is easy to do and will not fail if you set up your pile correctly.

My guide to starting a foolproof compost pile takes you through everything you need to know to create a composting system that works.


The Best Winter Composting Solutions [8 Critical Strategies]

Yes, you can compost through the winter! You just need to take extra steps to ensure your pile stays warm enough to keep the biological heat going.

In my Composting in the Winter article, I provide you the techniques you need to compost in the winter and in all sorts of challenging climates.


Apartment composting techniques that don't stink!

Aparment composting sounds taboo, but its really an efficient way of composting and it does not stink.

I go over all the information you need to know to make a healthy compost pile indoors in my Apartment Composting Techniques article.


How to fix compost pile problems

Composting is easy to do, but sometimes issues arise that need to be remedied.

In my Troubleshooting Compost article, I go over all the ways your pile could go wrong - and how to fix it.


Composting Toilet systems explained

Composting toilets are an excellent way to remove your need to be on municipal sewage systems, and they work really well.

My composting toilets article goes over how composting toilets work and what you need to do to keep them efficient.


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