DIY Composting Methods

Get rid of your waste naturally, the way the Earth intended.

Composting Toilet Systems Explained [Bonus FAQ Section]

Did you think the only thing you could compost is your leftover vegetable scraps from last night’s dinner? Well you are in for a treat, because your human waste (yes, number two) can be composted as well! This makes me very

Build a Compost Pile in 7 Steps [Ultimate Foolproof Guide]

Here at Maximum Off Grid, I am all about bringing you solutions to create systems of independence. One massive problem we have today is the monumental amount of food waste that we create. A staggering one pound of food per

How to Fix Your Compost Pile [40+ Actionable Solutions]

Composting is one of the easiest projects that you can start at any time. However, sometimes things go awry! I have comprised an extensive list of frequent mishaps and problems that your pile may be experiencing, and the best solutions

Apartment Composting Methods that Don’t Stink [5 Step Guide]

Apartment composting – sounds taboo, but its a real thing! One of my goals is to offer solutions to becoming independent from the system, no matter how small those solutions may be. I feel that doing small things add up

The Best Winter Composting Solutions [8 Critical Strategies]

Composting in cold weather can be a challenge, but it’s by no means impossible. You just need to give your compost pile a little more TLC than in the warmer months. The key is to plan ahead before winter arrives