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Welcome to the Natural Remedies corner of my website!

I would like to note that this section is heavily under construction.

My main focus is finding unique and helpful natural remedies that promote wellness and can be used in survival situations.

Please check back soon as I will be adding more content. Thanks!

Regina C.
Maximum Off Grid

Shungite stone touts powerful abilities, such as purifying water, blocking EMFs, and healing ailments.

But does the stone really live up to these claims?

I go in depth to uncover the real truth about Shungite with scientific findings, and it may surprise you.

Read my article about the Real Facts Behind Shungite Stone now!

I welcome you to my Survival Apothecary series.

I focus on edible and medicinal plants that are commonly found in North America that could prove beneficial while moving toward a more self sufficient lifestyle and also can be of use in a survival situation.

This series is a major work in progress, so check back soon for additions.

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