Off Grid Water System Section

Water: The building block of life. Without water, we die, and quickly!

On a less somber note, your off grid water system needs to be the priority when planning for self-sufficiency. Without a reliable water source, you will quickly be up shit creek (pun intended!).

I have spent a considerable amount of time and research to compile a database of information on how to set up non-municipal water systems by using the natural resources around us.

I have also provided methods for water storage, filtration, and purification so you can have access to clean drinking water year-round.

Off Grid Water System Guide

Building a functional and reliable off grid water system is vital to the success of your off grid lifestyle.

My off grid water system article covers 4 different methods to build an off-grid water system along with all the essentials you will need to get your system up and running smoothly.

Ultimate Guide to an Off Grid Water Heater

Hot water is a modern day luxury that we have become accustomed to having on demand.

The reality is getting hot water in an off grid installation isn’t all that easy. It requires setting up alternative energy systems in order to heat the water.

After much research, I have compiled 5 applicable methods to integrate hot water into your off grid lifestyle. Check it out!

Off Grid Water Pump Section

Water pumps are an integral part of building your off grid water system. From moving water from its source to building pressure, choosing the right pump for your setup is vital to its success.

In my off grid water pump section, I have written various guides on different types of pumps for you to explore.

Off Grid Water Filtration Section

Becoming independent from municipal water sources means that you will need to be responsible for both filtering and purifying your off grid water source.

In my off grid water filtration section, I cover all the bases on how to filter contaminants from your off grid water source along with purifying water from bacteria, cysts, and viruses. Check it out!

Get the Real Facts about Shungite Stone Benefits

Using Shungite to purify your water is an alternative method to remove both bacteria and viruses. It also offers multiple health benefits and can protect you from EMFs.

My complete guide to Shungite gives you all the information you need and provides scientific evidence that supports the claims of this mysterious stone.

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