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Off Grid Water Filtration Section

It is imperative if you are using well or wild water for your off grid water system to both filter and purify your water.

Water filtration removes sediments and debris, but does not purify water from bacteria, cysts, and viruses. Therefore, you need to setup a reliable and autonomous system that rids your water of these pathogens - or haul in your water from a municipal source.

I have written several helpful articles that informs you of the many ways to both filter and purify your water without having to rely on chemicals.

Off Grid Water Filtration and Purification

Becoming independent from municipal water sources means that you will need to filter and purify your off grid water source.

My Off Grid Water Filtration and Purification guide is your one-stop-shop to learn about every which way to filter and purify your water either by making your own system or purchasing a manufactured system.

The Best Well Water Whole House Filtration System

Anyone that owns a well knows how harsh the water can be. Sediments, scale, and even bacteria and viruses can make well water unsuitable for drinking. But what about all the other things we use water for?

Our appliances, plumbing, and even our health can become comprimised from untreated well water. The solution? Install a whole house water filtration system!

In my whole house water filter guide, I go over everything you need to know about whole house water filters and provide information on the best ones available on the market.

Everything You Need to Know about a Gravity Fed Water Filter

If a whole house water filter seems to extreme for your situation, then a gravity fed water filter will do the trick.

These countertop container systems both filter and purify your water, providing you and your family with gallons of fresh drinking water everyday.

In my gravity fed water filter guide, I go over the ins and outs of these systems and offer reviews for the best systems you can buy today.

Shungite Stone for Water Purification, EMF protection, and Healing

Ever heard of Shungite stone? If not, then its time you did!

Shungite is a unique mineral that is comprised of a special hollow carbon called a fullerene.

Since the fullerene is hollow, it traps contaminants in water, absorbs EMF, and has powerful healing properties.

Interested? Read all about it in my guide to Shungite stone.

Go Berkey VS Travel Berkey: What's the Difference? [Product Comparison Chart]

Berkey gravity water filters come in all different sizes. It can be confusing to understand the differences in these systems.

In this article, I cover the differences between the Go Berkey VS Travel Berkey so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

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