Shungite Stone Benefits: Get the REAL Facts! [Case Studies]

The real facts about Shungite stone

Shungite Stone is as unique as it is mysterious. Its origins are unknown and its physical properties are mystifying.

Although Shungite is quite plentiful now, there is a single finite source and it will eventually be depleted.

I stumbled upon Shungite while searching for different ways to purify water without chemicals.

I was astonished to read that this stone can purify water naturally! I also read that it can block electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), and it also has powerful healing properties – Hmmm.

These are some bold claims, I thought. Can a stone really have all of these capabilities?

I started to research and found a few websites that spoke about these claims, but none had any evidence to really back it up.

I decided to dig deeper, and through much time researching, I managed to find scholarly articles, patents, and videos that do offer compelling evidence that the claims of Shungite are in fact proven!

Large brick of polished Shungite stone

This is my ultimate guide to Shungite stones. I never call anything ultimate unless I can seriously back up this claim.

In this article, I discuss the origins and chemistry of Shungite, scientific findings of Shungite’s properties, the benefits of Shungite, any known side effects, a buyers guide to Shungite, and the future of this amazing miracle stone!

Interested in alternative water filtration and purification methods? Have a listen to my podcast episode about off grid water filtration systems!

Let’s get right to it!

What Is Shungite?

Shungite is an anomalous stone of organic origin that is comprised of carbon. Pure Shungite looks similar to pyrite, but with a silver tone instead of gold.

chunk of pyrite
chunk of shungite

The stone in its purest form is quite brittle and can chip easily. It would not be suitable for faceting.

Shungite stone gets its powerful properties from an unusual carbon structure known as a fullerene. I will go into detail about fullerenes later in this article.

The origins of Shungite stone

Shungite was discovered near the small village of Shunga, which is how the stone got its name. Shunga is located in the Republic of Karelia, a part of the Russian Federation.

Shunga village, near discovery location of Shungite

Although there are traces of Shungite found in a few other locales throughout Russia, the Zazhoginsky deposit is the only place where Shungite exists in vast reserves.

This vast deposit of Shungite weighs in at a whopping 35 million tons and is being mined out at a rate of 200 thousand tons per year.

Cave paintings by Lake Onega
Cave paintings in Russia by Lake Onega

Several hundreds of years ago, Lake Onega had become renowned through the local villages for its extremely pure water that had the ability to heal. Kings and queens would come and go throughout history, opening and abandoning thermal spas through the centuries.

Lake Onega, discovery location of Shungite in Russia

Shungite has been forgotten and discovered for many cycles throughout history.

The most recent re-discovery was in the 1930s as the water from Lake Onega was tested for medical uses. The lake had a resurgence in popularity in the 70s as a thermal spa had opened once again.

Still, Shungite has only become popular in internet searches over the past couple of years.

The geology of Shungite stone

Shungite formed at the ripe old age of 2 billion years. There are many hypotheses about how Shungite was made.

The most adopted theory is that Shungite was created by the sedimenting of rich organic materials of primitive life forms into mud and silt.

sediments swirling in lake

These organic sediments accumulated into the Karelian craton that was rich in brackish water.

The organic material compressed with the mineral-rich brackish water into the craton and got heated up from the geothermal activity from below. This transformed the material through petrification and into what we know as Shungite. This process was also responsible for the creation of the molecular structure known as fullerenes.

An intriguing yet less popular hypothesis is that Shungite was formed from a meteor crashing into the earth. What is interesting about this idea is that there is evidence that a meteor did crash in close vicinity to the lake just a little earlier than Shungite was formed.

large crator in landscape

An even less popular opinion is that Shungite was made by lightning strikes. The reasoning for this idea is that lightning strikes actually create fullerenes, but since the amount made by lightning is so minuscule, this hypothesis is mostly discredited. It is an interesting notion nonetheless.

The different types of Shungite stone

There are three types of Shungite that all have a different appearance. The reason for the difference is the quantity of carbon the stones possess.

Type I Shungite – Elite Silver Shungite

Type I Elite Silver Shungite

This is the purest form of Shungite at a concentration of 98%.

The stone has a silvery semi-metallic sheen to it and can flake fairly easily.

Only one percent of Shungite in existence is Elite Shungite.

Composition of Elite Shungite

98% Carbon

0.9% Nitrogen and Oxygen

0.3% Hydrogen

0.8% Ash Content

Type II Shungite – Black Shungite

Type II black Shungite

This type of Shungite is made up of 50-70% carbon.

This stone is a matte black mineral. It can be shaped and polished easily and is used to make EMF blocking discs and countertop pyramids.

Composition of Black Shungite

50-70% Carbon

3.5% Nitrogen and Oxygen

6.7% Hydrogen

3.3% Ash Content

Type III Shungite – Gray Shungite

Type III Gray Shungite

This type of Shungite is made up of 30-50% carbon.

This stone is a matte gray mineral. You will not run into gray shungite on the retail market, it is used for industrial applications.

Composition of Gray Shungite

30-50% Carbon

3.5% Nitrogen and Oxygen

6.7% Hydrogen

3.3% Ash Content

56% Silicon Dioxide

8% various oxides and dioxides

Shungite and Fullerenes

The reason Shungite has such powerful properties is because of the carbon complex known as a fullerene. What is a Fullerene? The fullerene is a fairly recent discovery. It is a form of carbon that links together 60 carbon atoms into the shape of a soccer ball. The fullerene got its name from the scientist Richard Buckminster Fuller. He actually built a life-size replica of a fullerene without even realizing it!

Fuller in front of his geodesic dome
Fuller with his geodesic dome is shaped exactly like a fullerene!

What is highly interesting is that a fullerene molecule is completely hollow. This hollow nature allows for all sorts of toxin and radio wave absorption.

Fullerenes have been used in nanotechnology to create nanotubes. These carbon molecules have been replicated in laboratories to create synthetic fullerenes.

fullerenes constructed into nanotubes

However, these manmade fullerenes cannot be remotely compared to natural fullerenes as natural fullerenes are filled with unique gases, liquids, and minerals inside its hollow dome.

Fullerenes have extremely potent properties on electromagnetic fields, absorption of toxins, and on human health.

Shungite Benefits

As you can see, Shungite stone has some seriously unique properties that other carbon materials do not possess.

Because of these unique attributes, Shungite offers up some powerful capabilities that almost seem magical but are actually backed with scientific evidence – evidence that I will provide below in each section.

Shungite stones for water purification

The International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research released a compelling research paper on the influence of Shungite on water. The research was conducted by the Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics located in Bulgaria and the Biotechnology department of Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology located in Moscow.

This is what they have found.

Due to its unique porous structure, Shungite adsorbs 95% of contaminants when coming into contact with its surface.

The types of contaminants that Shungite removes through adsorption are:

  • organochlorine compounds
  • phenols
  • dioxins
  • heavy metals
  • radionuclides

The types of contaminants that Shungite removes through absorption are:

  • oil
  • benzene
  • phenol
  • pesticides
  • chlorine
  • ammonia
  • heavy metals

Shungite has the ability to oxidize organic substances that are absorbed on the surface. Although this process is not entirely understood by scientists, Shungite is proven to be a powerful antioxidant and removes free radicals 30 times more effectively than activated carbon!!!

Free radicals formed during the treatment of water with chlorine and other chemicals have a negative impact on human health.

This table shows the performance of radical removal in water treated by Shungite:

Indicators of performance of filters based on Shungite

Shungite has Antibacterial Properties

Shungite has strong bactericidal properties that efficiently disinfect drinking water from harmful bacteria.

It has been observed in this same study that Shungite eliminates pathogenic saprophytes and protozoa. Shungite performs a near complete removal of e.Coli from 2300/Liter of cells down to 3/Liter of cells.

relatives sizes on microbes on a chart

Shungite does work best in conjunction with Zeolite and activated carbon.

Shungite Water Benefits

So what exactly are the benefits of drinking Shungite water? After all, we have fancy filtration systems and chemical products that cleanse our water of viruses and bacteria. Why even bother with the extra step of making Shungite water?

As we learned, Shungites contain fullerenes which trap harmful chemicals and compounds within its hollow center. In return, Shungite deposits positive elements such as oxygen, magnesium, and calcium.

Fullerenes also have a powerful antioxidant effect which cleanses the body of carcinogens.

Because of the detoxifying effect of Shungite water, you can use it to boost your metabolism which can help you lose weight.

Water from Lake Onega has been used for thousands of years throughout mankind’s history as a powerful detoxifying element. You can use this water for washing your face, making tinctures, using in teas and various drinks.

You can also add some Shungite to keep your aquariums clean and even use in ponds.

Making Shungite Water

Shungite filters water best by passing water over the surface of Shungite stones.

You will need:

A pitcher (preferably glass)

8 cups of water

8 ounces of Elite Shungite Chips

Step 1: Rinse Shungite chips thoroughly

Step 2: Place Shungite chips into pitcher

Step 3: Fill pitcher with water

Step 4: Let sit for 24 to 72 hours (Do NOT place lid on pitcher, the water needs oxygen to work)

Step 5: Enjoy your cleansed Shungite drinking water!

Although there are Shungite Type II chips available, I recommend purchasing Elite Shungite chips only for water purification.

Elite Shungite chips for water purification

Product Link

How to Clean Shungite Stones

Shungite chips need to be maintained once a month for maximum performance. They also need to be replaced periodically, about every six months to one year, or as needed.

  1. Mix 4 cups water with one tablespoon lemon juice.
  2. Place Shungite chips in water.
  3. Let sit for 8 hours.
  4. Pat chips dry on a towel.
  5. Place Shungite chips in sun for three hours, flipping over halfway through.

If you are looking for more water filtration options, check out my article on whole house well water filtration systems and also my guide to gravity fed water filters.

Shungite EMF Protection

Some people may be misled into thinking that Shungite blocks EMFs through metaphysical energies, but the reality is that Shungite has unique electrical properties due to its naturally conductive nature from the fullerenes.

I have read several articles about Shungite being touted as an EMF blocker, but no one seems to provide any scientific sources that Shungite can indeed block these frequencies.

I have taken the time and scoured scholarly articles and patents to find actual scientific evidence that Shungite has unbelievable electromagnetic absorbing powers and am sharing them with you today.

Let’s dive into the research that supports the theory that Shungite can actually block electromagnetic frequencies!

Electromagnetic spectrum

The Science behind Shungite’s EMF Blocking Properties

The best way to present my scientific findings on this subject is to go case by case.

My first case study is patent #US5640705A. This patent has been filed for utilizing fullerene carbon molecules to contain radiation from nuclear waste.

This nuclear waste containment system is comprised of fullerene carbon layers that prevent nuclear radiation from leaking out of the containment vessel.

nuclear containment vessel
nuclear containment vessel

Although there is a ton of information in this patent, if you look up the “Detailed Description” section, you will find this:

“C60 is the only single-layer Fullerene molecule that will completely contain high energy ionizing radiation. Under specific temperature and pressure conditions, C60 can completely absorb the five main types of harmful, high energy, ionizing radiation; namely, alpha, beta, gamma, X-ray, and neutron radiation.”

The natural state of a fullerene present in Shungite is the 60 molecule structure. As stated in the quote, this type of fullerene carbon is capable of absorbing the five main types of harmful radiation.

This is because the natural fullerene works as an absolute vacuum as it is hollow on the inside. This vacuum filters out impurities in water along with absorbing electromagnetic frequencies and radio waves.
My second case study is a scholarly article released by Scientific Reports #5619 (2014).

In this experiment, carbon nanotubes were utilized to create a Radar Absorbing Material (RAM) to block radar stealth technology.

submarine radar

The study has shown that carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have excellent electromagnetic wave absorption performance due to its unique structure and extreme electrical conductivity.

Carbon nanotubes are created by fullerenes, which as we know are naturally present in Shungite.

We can then deduce that since carbon nanotubes are extremely efficient at blocking radar waves, the natural form of the fullerene has the power to absorb these waves as well. My third case study is another patent JP2003243878A from Japan.
The invention in this patent is the development of a coating on a circuit board that blocks electromagnetic interference (EMI).


The invention uses a layer of Shungite (referred to as Shun Gaito) along with other layers of carbon to absorb EMI.

The patent claims that out of all the carbon materials used, the Shungite offers the best performance to eliminating the most EMI.

I have also found a couple of videos that show Shungite blocking EMFs in action:

If you feel you need more evidence, I suggest looking up “Shungite radiation absorption” in Google Scholar and Google Patents. It will give you several more case studies pertaining to this topic.

Does Shungite protect from EMF?

After all of this research I have provided, I feel comfortable saying that yes, Shungite does, in fact, protect you from EMF.

Now, you do need to be your own judge and come to your own conclusions. I recommend that if you are sensitive to EMF to purchase a piece of Shungite for wearing or placing in your own home and see if you experience any improvements.

I do have my own personal example of the EMF protection that Shungite provides. I purchased several pieces of Shungite for my mother as she is highly sensitive to EMF. She actually gets dizzy spells and really bad mood changes from heightened EMF.

Ever since she has been wearing her Shungite (which she wears 24/7) her symptoms have greatly improved.

elite shungite necklace

Product Link

Elite Shungite necklace enhances your vital field.

EMF neutralizing stickers with Shungite

Product Link

These EMF neutralizers can be stuck on anything (router, TV, microwave, etc.) and have excellent reviews.

Shungite pyramid for EMF protection

Product Link

Shungite pyramids can be placed by microwaves and routers to block EMF.

Electromagnetic Field reader

Product Link

This is a good cheap EMF reader so you can test how many EMFs are emanating from your devices and also to help place your Shungite.

Shungite Healing Properties

As we all know, human beings are powered by electricity. Our neurons in our brains function by receiving electrical signals from cells. Our hearts beat from an electrical charge emitted by cells that cause a contraction.

A lesser known metascience, known as bioenergetics, explores human energy fields and the relation our energy has with the world around us.

Our bodies release an energetic field, known as the vital field, that interacts with our environment and ripples away from us like waves.


  • Life is an energy intensive process
  • It takes energy to move a muscle, breath, heal wounds, even to think
  • We emit an energetic field around us that interacts and is influenced by our environment

A person’s vital field can vary greatly depending on the health of the person, the level of consciousness, and also influences from the environment.

We can also have a direct effect on our vital field by the food and drink we consume, where we hang out and who we hang out with.

Our vital field strives to stay in a state of homeostasis, a state of balance. However, it wouldn’t surprise me that most (if not all) human beings that live in modern day society across the world are in a state of bioenergetic imbalance due to modern lifestyle choices and the bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies.

bioenergetics vital field

This is where Shungite comes into play.

Shungite and the Vital Field

Measurements of a person’s vital field can be measured, and a study done on Shungite in relation to bioenergetic research has been performed. This study, done by Regina Martino (a bioenergetic researcher) has found that Shungite can actually increase our extending bioenergy field.

So what do these results mean?

Health Benefits of Shungite Stone:

1. It balances our bioenergetic field. A balanced energy field can remedy dysfunctions in the body, such as persistent and recurring illness, tiredness, depression, dullness, and any type of issues that can occur from energy imbalances.

balancing bioenergetic field

2. It gives us protection from negative energies. As our vital fields become balanced and centered, a natural positive energy is restored in the body. Shungite can also absorb negative energies, much like it can absorb impurities in water and radiation.

3. It blocks us from EMFs. As we went over above, Shungite is scientifically known to block electromagnetic disturbances. As we are bombarded from every corner with radio waves, our vital energies become imbalanced and shrink. Shungite works to restore our energy field and protect us from these invasive waves.

4. Shungite does not take on a negative charge. The natural structure of the fullerenes in Shungite creates a vacuum that does not allow for taking on any negativity from frequencies, vibrations, and human emotions. The state of Shungite will always stay intact, no matter what it encounters.

Shungite relieving depression

If you have feelings of general malfeasance, have unexplained exhaustion, emotional or mental issues, lethargy, feelings of uneasiness, and anything to do with a potential energy imbalance in the body, Shungite can assist in restoring your well being.

Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification by Regina Martino

Product Link

If you are interested in researching more about this topic, I suggest purchasing Regina Martino’s Book, “Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification”.​

How to Tell if Shungite is Real

Although fake Shungite is not a common problem, there have been reports of fake Shungite on the market. If people can make money at it, there will always be counterfeits! Luckily, there are very easy ways to circumvent this problem.

First, always buy from a reputable seller. I suggest purchasing solely from Karelian Heritage. I personally have purchased all my Shungite either directly from their online shop or from their official Amazon shop.

Second, you can conduct an extremely easy test to ensure your Shungite is real!

Shungite Authenticity Test

Shungite is naturally conductive. Therefore, we can perform a simple test to prove if Shungite is real.

You will need:

Light Bulb


Two wires (preferably copper)


Place one wire on the positive side of the battery and one on the negative side of the battery. Place wires onto the bulb. The bulb will light. Now place the Shungite in between bulb and one wire. The bulb will still light if the Shungite is real. Easy!

Are there side effects of shungite stone?

Technically, there are no known side effects, but people may experience some energy disturbances from the stone. These could possibly be:

  • Insomnia
  • Too much energy
  • Increased pulse
  • Increased blood pressure

These side effects are directly related to the enormous amount of energy that Shungite can deliver to you. Remember how we talked about the expansion of the vital field?

This may be a very new and energetic sensation, and because of that, you may want to rotate wearing your stone until you get used to the extra energy.

I hope that my guide to Shungite has answered all of your Shungite questions.

You may be interested in my Gravity Fed Water Filter article for more water filtration products.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please leave below.

Regina, owner of Maximum off Grid

Hi, I am Regina, the creator of Maximum Off Grid.

My goal is to teach you how to become more self-sufficient, no matter how small the change.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments.

Have a great day!

Regina Ferrari


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  • Okay after bouncing from site to site, I have arrived at a safe place finally.Thank you so much for your presentation. I love you and thank you again.

    • Ah, you are welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed this article. I spent a ton of time researching scientific studies to put this together.

  • Your research is let down by the videos supposedly showing it working! It cannot be measured with a volt meter, what they are doing is grounding the electrical charge through their own bodies and as they are holding the shungite it appears to be the shungite causing the drop in electrical field. The same result would happen if they just held their hand in front of the meter. Did it not seem strange to you that the printer although surrounded by a bucket load of shungite still gave a high reading!

    • That is an interesting perspective, and you are probably right. For me, I find the more compelling evidence to be in the case studies that Shungite is used in everyday technology to absorb electromagnetic waves and also absorbs toxins from water. The science is there, for sure. Thanks for the input!

    • the same person redid the test making sure her hand was not in the way and got similar results, you can find in on YouTube

    • I was confused by that, too. With all the stones right next to the printer, but it was still giving off high readings. Thanks for the info. If the meter readings are pointless, I guess the only test that matters is to try either a pendant or a few pieces in your home and see if you notice a difference. But the videos of the meters are counterproductive.

  • Yes, I agree with you regarding the use of Shungite, I have it all around my house as I suffer from EHS, and I am convinced that it is beneficial for me. I just don’t agree that the effects can be measured with a volt meter. This is also a point noted in Regina Martino’s book.

  • Hi. This seems amazing! But I have a few questions. If you have to put the shungite between the meter and the microwave/printer/whatever to see a reduction in the radiation levels, are you only blocking radiation in that one small area? In which case you would need to cover the entire surface of any EMF producing appliance with pieces of shungite to block all or most of the emf emission.
    I would like to see the difference in radiation levels with a piece of shungite touching or next to the appliance, but not directly in between the appliance and the meter. And what about pendants? How much protection do they provide if they are only a small stone on your chest. What is the effective area of radiation adsorption for each stone? Thank you so much for any clarification you can provide.

    • TBH, I think the vids are misleading, and I feel compelled to purchase an EMF reader so I can make my own videos and get to the bottom of it!
      In Regina Martino’s book, she goes precisely into Shungite’s effective area coverage. She has figured out Shungite’s bioenergetic field radius by using empaths to feel the aura of the stones. She does double blind studies and the results are interesting. But I would like a bit better proof than that.
      I think I will put the Shungite stone video trials on my list of things to do!
      For my own personal experience, I feel an improvement when wearing Shungite. And then I will forget to put it on for several days, lol. When I put it back on I do feel an increase in energy and vitality. For me, its a good experience!

  • The video clearly demonstrates how a single piece or even a pile of Shungite will NOT protect you from emf. I worked in RF engineering for 20 years, and everyone is missing a crucial point. EMF is all pervasive, it is everywhere unless you are completely shielded, say in a wire mesh box (Faraday cage). Think of it as light, you have a light bulb on in a room and you want to protect something from the light. You would need to place the item in a box covering all four sides, top, and bottom to keep it shaded. EMF is the same. A Shungite cage or box that one could step into and close would offer protection. This is how the Russians used it in old nuclear facilities. A piece of Shungite sitting in a room on hanging from a necklace will offer zero EMF protection.

    • Hmm, this is a very enlightening comment! I love your analogy of how emf is like light, everywhere. That makes a whole lot of sense to me.

      However, I disagree that Shungite provides zero protection. So in theory, Shungite provides an energy field that can help block some emf, it is not just blocking where the stone physically exists. So we can say that energy field from the stone protrudes maybe 2-4 feet. Maybe more, maybe less. So your entire body will likely not be covered by the energy field.

      So now we are on a beach. We have covered half our body with a towel. We get burnt where the towel was not covering us. The part of us under the towel is safe. So then, if emf is like light, and we partially cover our body with Shungite energy field, will we be partially protected from getting “burned”? In theory, I think so. But I do not know for sure. None of us can really know, because its more of a metascience. Although I do find the fullerene studies to be quite intriguing.

      I would think that lessening emf will be a benefit, but I don’t think we can fully eliminate it.

      I am curious to see the effects of the 5G on humans. Will it be harmful? Will it do nothing at all? Its a mystery!

  • I was.expecting actual proof of claims. Scientific research data or something with some kind of data that relates to anything legitimate. If you know where or how i might locatesucb data it would be appreciated because althougb nicely done website, itfails to meet the anticipated data thats rooted in physical science. So please point me in the direction of the facts. Id really like to know the data n research done with this. Please n ty. Jennifer

    • There are three case studies I have written about that link to scholarly articles which are derived from scientific experiments on Shungite. I have provided links to each one. Once you go to the case study, you can read all the scientific evidence they provide. To publish all that on my article would make it far too long and would also be plaigarism. Please check them out.

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