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Wilderness Survival Basics - Primitive and Modern Techniques

If you are a hiker, backpacker, hunter, fisherman, camper, or just enjoy the great outdoors, you need to take a moment to learn wilderness survival skills.

In my guide, I go through the basics of surviving in the wilderness, techniques for both primitive and modern survival methods, and gear recommendations.


Ultimate Bug Out Bag Section

Being prepared is not about being a "doomsdayer", it's just smart.

In my Bug Out Bag section, I don't just stuff a whole bunch of products into an endless list.

I have taken the time and researched the theory of bugging out and have selected the most efficient gear that will benefit the user.


The Best Emergency Water Filter for Survival [Product Guide for 2020]

Water is the most critical element in an emergency situation or while on a long term wilderness expedition.

In my Best Emergency Water Filter guide, I go over the most reliable products on the market to deliver you water that is free of bacteria and viruses.

how to find gold in the wild graphic

How to Find Gold in the Wild: The Ultimate Guide [+5 Techniques]

If you think all the easy gold has been found on this planet, think again!

Geology changes and moves all the time leaving plenty of gold to be discovered - if you know where to look and what techniques to use.

In my Ultimate Guide to Finding Gold in the Wild, I give you all the information to become a hobbyist prospector in no time.

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