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How to Bug Out: Factors for Prepping a Bug Out Bag

Most bug out information online consists of going over a bag and filling it with stuff. No one is really answering the methodology of prepping a bug out bag, let alone the art of bugging out.

In my Factors for Prepping a Bug Out Bag, I focus on the theory of bugging out and the relationship your bug out bag has with the planning of your bug out journey. It's not just another "fluff and stuff" article.


Ultimate Bug Out Bag Contents Listed and Explained

Putting together a bug out bag is not as easy as it seems; you need to carefully plot out every item and evaluate its usefulness and also its weight and dimensions.

In this article, I don't just post an endless amount of stuff to fill your bag with. I examine each item and classify it as essential or robust - and - I include the average item weight for everything I have listed so you can calculate the final weight of your bag.

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