Solar Power

The best energy alternative for off grid homesteads

The no BS guide to home solar power

The No BS Guide to Home Solar Power

Just getting started with solar power?

My No BS Guide to Home Solar Power Systems will help you understand how solar power works and navigate you through all the necessary components.

on grid vs off grid solar power systems

On Grid VS Off Grid Solar Power Installations

There are huge and very important key differences between on-grid solar power installations and off-grid solar power installations.

My on grid vs off grid article informs you of the pros and cons of both systems so you can make a knowledgeable decision for your solar power system.

upgrade your solar power system with a solar combiner box

Upgrade Your Solar System with a Solar Combiner Box

The solar combiner box is not a very well known component for solar power systems but can provide a lot of benefits to your installation.

This Solar Power Combiner Box article covers the ins and outs of this component.

Pros and cons of a DIY solar power system

Pros and Cons of a DIY Solar Power System

To DIY or not to DIY? That is the question!

My Pros and Cons to DIY Solar Power Systems guide will help you decide if hiring a professional solar installer is the right decision for you.

Resources for Installing a Solar Backup Generator

Installing a backup generator to your off grid solar power system is a tricky task and relies heavily on your installed components.

In my Installing a Solar Backup Generator guide, I give you the calculations and resources to decipher the best setup for your installation.

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I realized that I wanted to start a website where I could share a well-organized database of cohesive information about setting up off grid systems.

Hence, Maximum Off Grid was born!

The website has now evolved to cover a range of topics from growing your own food to survival skills.

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