Survival Skill Building Guide

Learn primitive, modern, and bug out techniques

survival skills book recommendations

Survival Skills Book Recommendations

I strongly suggest for everyone interested in homesteading, survival, and bugging out, to have books in print to access valuable information.

In this book recommendation article, I suggest books on general to specific topics pertaining to the art of staying alive.

wilderness survival basics: primitive and modern techniques

Wilderness Survival Basics: Primitive and Modern Techniques

If you are a hiker, backpacker, hunter, fisherman, camper, or just enjoy the great outdoors, you need to take a moment to learn wilderness survival skills.

In my wilderness survival guide, I go through the basics of surviving in the wilderness, techniques for both primitive and modern survival methods, along with gear recommendations.

Factors for prepping a bug out bag

Factors for Prepping a Bug Out Bag

Many websites offer articles loaded with “stuff” to fill your bug out bag with. But many don’t delve into the factors that influence why you are bugging out in the first place.

In my Factors for Prepping a Bug Out Bag article, I go over bug out theory so you can plan your bug out method according to your personal situation.

Ultimate bug out bag guide: contents listed and explained

Ultimate Bug Out Bag Guide: Contents Listed and Explained

This is the ultimate bug out bag article you have been waiting for!

I have poured countless hours into researching and handpicking the best gear that you can tailor to your personal bug out scenario.

I also include item weights so you can calculate the final weight of your bag; a crucial factor in your success.

how to filter water in an emergency

How to Filter Water in an Emergency [+ Products for 2020]

Water is the most critical element in an emergency situation or on a long term wilderness expedition.

In my Best Emergency Water Filter guide, I go over the most reliable products on the market to deliver you water that is free of bacteria and viruses.

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Hi, I am Regina, the creator of Maximimum Off Grid.

I am an active prepper, survivalist, gardener, and aspiring off gridder.

As I researched off grid systems, I noticed that I had a hard time finding the information I needed. I had to gather bits and pieces from across the net just to learn what I needed.

I realized that I wanted to start a website where I could share a well-organized database of cohesive information about setting up off grid systems.

Hence, Maximum Off Grid was born!

The website has now evolved to cover a range of topics from growing your own food to survival skills.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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