Water Systems

Getting water to your off grid homestead can be very challenging. There are so many factors to consider: Where will the water come from? Is the water a year around source? What are the possible contaminants in the water and how to remove them?

 With my in-depth guides, you can explore the many different setups and methods to fetch, filter, and purify water for potable use. 

Water Pumps

Water pumps can solve a variety of issues, from moving water from one locale to another, to keeping your basement from flooding.

I have researched different ways you can utilize water pumps to achieve many results. 

I have also written in-depth product reviews on water pumps so you can get the best bang for your buck.

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Water Filtration

Water filtration has become more important than ever before as our municipal and wild water sources become more contaminated. 

From chlorine and chemicals to industrial runoff and VOCs, everyone needs to consider water filtration and purification.

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Survival Water Systems

When faced with an emergency or a prolonged survival situation, your priority needs to be access to clean drinking water.

I have written an extensive guide to the best survival water system methods and products. Check it out!


When setting up your water system for your homestead, a little creativity and ingenuity can go a long way.

Check out my article on various ways you can get your water system up and running.

It is extremely important to filter your off grid water, and even more important to purify your water to cleanse it from bacteria and viruses. 

This guide tells you exactly how to do both. 

When growing crops, getting a functional watering system can get tricky. 

Setting up a solar powered drip irrigation system saves time, money, and boatloads of water.

In this guide, I will instruct you on how to set one up easily. 

Water pumps are a crucial component to get your off grid water system up and running. 

In this article, I guide you through the different types of water pumps you can use along with how to use them. 

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