Water Pumps

Guide to Water Pumps for Off Grid (and On Grid) Systems

Water is the very first component that all homesteaders need to consider, even before electricity! It is the one element that we simply cannot live without.

Water pumps make a considerable difference in how we can bring water to our property, even if there is no water to be had on your land. 

There are several types of pumps to choose from, some are essential and some can bring upgrades to your system.

I have researched and written several guides and pump reviews (that are listed below) so you can make the best choices when designing your water system. 


Water is a commodity that we tend to take for granted when living off a municipal source.

Once we take the plunge into going off grid, it becomes the primary concern.

This article covers all sorts of pumps that can be put to use in an off grid water system. 

Waiting forever to get hot water to your faucet? Adding a hot water recirculating pump to your water system can help you save thousands of gallons per year. 

Take a minute to check out my guide and product reviews!

If you depend on a sump pump to keep your basement from flooding, a battery backup sump pump is a MUST HAVE!

Check out my informative guide and product reviews for the most up to date information available. 

Submersible sump pumps are great for keeping basements dry, but they also offer great ways to handle big water projects.

Read all about submersible sump pumps in my comprehensive guide and product reviews article. 

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